Hello, I am
Michael Schade

Creative Technologist
Everything you can imagine can be real.

Michael is a Creative Technologist at IXDS working at the intersection of design, software and hardware to build all sorts of prototypes and creative applications.

With a keen interest in art, design, technology and culture, he studied media production in Lemgo, Germany. Then, in order to finally explore the world, he moved to Sweden where he obtained a Master of Interaction Design and Technologies from Chalmers University, Gothenburg.

During his time in Sweden, he worked at the Interactive Institute mainly in the areas of creative thinking, prototyping and interaction design. Additionally, he joined the experimental and researching theater and performance group Scenlaboratoriet combining theater and contemporary technology. In 2015, he returned to Germany to work at the CITEC Institute in Bielefeld where he prototyped innovative assistants and smart home technologies as an interaction designer.

Michael’s aim at IXDS is to make use of his multifaceted background for fun, creative applications and installations, and provide the user with a meaningful, explorative and immersive experience.

In his free time, he builds creative and interactive applications, explores the combination of technology and music, and takes snapshots with his camera. From time to time he also likes to leave all technology behind, grab a backpack and spend time in nature or doing all sorts of sports.

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