Hello, I am
Leonardo Amico

Creative Technologist
There’s joy in combining technology and design to create something that didn’t exist before.

Leonardo Amico is a Creative Technologist, working on applications for emerging technologies through ideation and prototyping. 

In his work, Leonardo believes that the best results come from a balance between material explorations and human-centered design. Leonardo has experience with co-creation processes as well as prototyping solutions through software and electronics. He is particularly enthusiastic about ideas that are out of the ordinary, push boundaries and create something unexpected, as he is convinced that technology should not just improve but actually enrich peoples’ lives. 

Before joining IXDS, Leonardo worked as a designer and technologist in the UK and in Italy. He’s an Interaction Design alumnus of the communication and research center Fabrica and holds a Master of Electronic Engineering from the University of Padova. As a member of various art and design collectives, his work has been exhibited across numerous festivals and museums including V&A in London, Salone del Mobile in Milan, Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven and Adhocracy in Athens. 

In his free time, when he’s not working on new art and technology projects, Leonardo takes long walks around the city and enjoys cooking at home; most recently handmade dumplings from around the world including Italian ravioli, Japanese gyozas and Russian varenyky.

Reach out to Leonardo on Twitter or check out his website