Hello, I am
Jochen Saal

Service Designer
Design without action is utopia

Jochen is a service design expert at IXDS, creating meaningful and holistic experiences for people and helping businesses to become more impactful. Before joining IXDS in 2020, he spent 8 years informing the long term vision and transformation of Zalando. During that time he lead strategic user design efforts, and designed and prototyped innovative products and businesses for the fashion industry as a founding member of a joint IDEO/Zalando studio.

Over time he has broadened his skillset, becoming infused with the desire to tackle big questions through design and experimentation, evolve design maturity, inspire collaboration and influence the culture of both steadily moving and fast growing companies. With a background in product management, he has worked part time in the publishing industry. Jochen studied Business Information Systems (MSc) at the University of Applied Science Würzburg with a focus on human-centred design. In his free time he follows his passion for producing music and stays healthy through yoga and climbing.