Hello, I am
James Lynden

Technology should exist to serve humanity, not the other way around.

James is a Senior Strategic Designer who thrives in the grey area between product innovation, user research and business design.

He has several years’ client-side experience leading innovation and insight projects at O2 and Bang & Olufsen. He also has experience in strategic consulting for brands such as Heineken and Barclays, as well as developing growth strategies for several successful startups as a freelance consultant.

James has a talent for uncovering fresh insights and translating them into actionable strategies, specifically in creating technology and digital products.  He believes that effective strategy should look toward our changing earth, rapidly advancing deep tech and dynamic cultural tensions.

With a mission to reimagine technology and business from a human perspective, James puts people and their long-term needs first, infusing design with insights into the human psyche and what helps us flourish.

James has a B.A (Hons) in Philosophy from the University of Durham, and an M.A in Cognition and Communication from the University of Copenhagen.  He has published research on the interaction between digital media and emotions and has lectured in Qualitative Research Methods at Copenhagen Business School.

A Brit who has lived and worked in London, Madrid and Copenhagen, he has now settled in Berlin – a city he finds full of inspiration. On his fifth day, you'll find him going on urban adventures, practising Tango, learning German or blogging on everything from AI ethics to neurostimulation. You can find him on LinkedIn.