November 2017
08:30 am

Pre-Work Talk Berlin The rise of AI in design. Are we losing creative control?

IXDS Berlin Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39-40, 10999
So you think art & design will remain sacred in a world of automation? Think again! AI is already being used as the creative force behind photo curation, website creation, and even to make Hollywood movie trailers. With developments moving full steam ahead, at our November 14 Pre-Work Talk, we want to stop and take a look at the current state of pioneering AI technologies, and the effect it will have on design processes & human judgement. Is AI set to become a true creative partner, a creativity killer, or will it replace designers all together!?

After his stand-out talk in Munich, we’re bringing our friend, Senior UX Designer Jan Korsanke, over to Berlin to shed light on the current state of AI-assisted design. He’ll be opening our eyes to the rapid pace of change, and how we can collaborate and empathize with our creative artificial counterparts.  

We’ll then hear from Ramzi Rizk, the CTO of EyeEm, a photography community and marketplace that’s changing the focus of art direction with its world leading computer vision technology. They find the “rare gems” among millions of photographs with AI that can judge a picture’s context and understand taste.

This one is a must see! Can't wait to get deep into this topic, and hear what you have to say about our creative future. 


Jan is a Senior UX Architect from Munich, working at ExB Research and Development. His passions lie in turning human needs into concepts, and exploring what design and technology can do for humanity. Currently, he’s focusing on UX for a Machine Learning/Artificial intelligence platform based on NLP. He also recently collaborated with organizations such as Allianz, BMW, FriendScout24, Telefónica, W. L. Gore & Associates to name a few, and frequently gives talks on different UX and design topics such as creativity, processes, and tools. 


Ramzi Rizk is a founder and CTO of EyeEm, a photography company building the world’s leading computer vision technology to connect its global creative community of 22 million photographers with iconic brands. EyeEm’s Research & Development team develops EyeEm Vision, the world’s leading image recognition technology that keywords, captions and ranks photos based on aesthetics.

Before founding EyeEm, Ramzi was a PhD candidate researching privacy in Social Media, and an engineering manager leading teams focused on mobile and web innovation. Ramzi is a passionate software architect, photographer and pianist. He loves product, scalable architecture, and the magical space where product, engineering and business meet.

Image by Dan Taylor - dan@heisenbergmedia.com-4.jpg

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