IXDS Pioneers Dinners

Where thought leaders tackle critical questions.

What is a Pioneers Dinner?

We have to act today, to meet the challenges of tomorrow. So, at our Pioneers Dinners, we connect the expertise of business and innovation champions with our own experience, to answer the critical questions facing the mobility, manufacturing, connected living, and healthcare sectors.

What to expect?

The Pioneers Dinners are evenings full of inspiration, dynamic discussion, new perspectives and ample possibilities to connect with fellow thought leaders. Recent events have focused on topics such as:

  • Research for new interactions: VUI and gesture control
  • How digital is changing products, services and businesses
  • How VR prototyping can help us shape and transform the future of healthcare & mobility

This year, we've already held Dinners in:

Get a feel for our 'Human at the Core' panel discussion:

We need to understand that an artificial intelligence or machine learning entity is just not human.

Sandra Rolle

Creative Director User Experience @ BMW

Sven-Anwar Bibi with Sandra Rolle, Jessica Covi & Suhail Ahmed Khan

Guests have included leaders from:

And they're always nights to remember!

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