IXDS is digital.engagiert!

Dedicated to a digital future
A funding initiative of Amazon and the Stifterverband, “digital.engagiert” supports projects that aim to digitize civil society. At the core of the program is a hands-on and individualized coaching program for participants by experts in the digital economy. Our CEO Nancy is one such expert supporting and driving innovation in the civil sector.

A dedication to digitalization is the name of this game! Brought to life by Amazon and Stifterverband – a joint initiative launched by companies and foundations focusing on consulting, networking and promoting improvements in education, science, and innovation – “digital.engagiert” seeks to help digitalize civil society so that NGOs and the social sector can benefit more from the opportunities of a digital future.

This funding initiative brings civil society and the digital economy together with the goal of providing the 15 participating projects with the best possible support and expertise to help them turn their concepts into reality. These concepts can serve as role models for innovation in civil society.

Our CEO Nancy is coaching one of the 15 projects. Focusing on the specific needs and abilities of the elderly (aged 60+) and people with disabilities, DayCare Technology is working towards a modern and inclusive society by seeking to boost the social participation of this group using state-of-the-art technology. Namely: Through the use of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, this project’s target group can experience places that are usually not very accessible to them.

The most successful projects will be awarded by the jury at the end of the program.