Hello, I am
Isabell Fringer

Co-Entrepreneur Seamless Mobility
It’s all about asking the right questions!

Isabell is a Co-Entrepreneur at IXDS within the Seamless Mobility Venture. Her philosophy is to emphasize the role innovation plays in balancing individual user needs and a necessary fundamental change in the future of mobility.

She is passionate about leading projects that build upon the outcome of intensive user research and involve large amounts of paper and cardboard. She believes in the power of prototyping and quick iterations. Simplifying services and products to make them clear, precise, self-contained, easily accessible, and intelligible for everyone is always her overarching objective. Along with her team, Isabell develops holistic services, digital products, and future concepts for clients like Deutsche Bahn, BVG, VW and Hamburger Hochbahn. By focusing on public transport she has become an expert in the field of autonomous driving, third places, and human resource management.

Before joining IXDS, Isabell specialized in spatial communication – designing corporate museums, interactive exhibits, brand spaces, and guidance systems – which makes information accessible in an interactive way.  She graduated with a diploma in Industrial Design from Berlin University of the Arts following her architectural studies back home in Austria. Isabell loves to share her knowledge and has lectured on service design methods and design thinking skills.

A carpenter by training, Isabell often spends her fifth day between her circular saw and tape loop, trying to let things slide instead of planning too far ahead. Since becoming a proud mom, she has also started to build up her fourth bike and has become a passionate Lego builder again.

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