Introduction to startup methods

Learn how to test & validate ideas at startup speed
With our 2 week intensive startup training program, we take your leaders out of their comfort zone and immerse them in a startup environment based around Google's Design Sprint, where they will learn to challenge everything they know to find new, agile ways to bring ideas to life.

Our offer is a hands-on innovation training, so your employees learn how to 'do it like a startup' and can feed the knowledge back into the fold.  IXDS labs provides the framework to spark game-changing ideas, which lead to testable assumptions.

In our inspiring co-working space, your employees will discover the latest industry trends and learn to apply the lean startup approach. We’ll handpick events to attend in the Berlin startup scene, so you can also see how startup companies bring their products to market.

Our Innovation Training Offer

What you'll learn


  • startup methods (measure and learn)
  • user research methods
  • design methods
  • effective prototyping of minimum viable products 
  • pitch deck and business model design
  • networking in startup community
Additional perks


  • work in IXDS co-working space in Berlin or Munich
  • work directly with designers and engineers
  • access to hardware lab (maybe you want to learn how to solder?)
  • attend startup or IXDS events
Time Commitment & Requirements


  • 1 - 3 employees per training program
  • 2 weeks (4 days per week onsite, 1 day offsite)
  • available time to invest into "homework"
  • Ideal for managers, R&D departments, self-motivated employees

The process

Design, build, measure

The Design Sprint method was developed by Google Ventures and is a very effective tool to find focus and a fast-track mini product development that will result in a testable hypothesis (MVP). Insights gained in this intense phase lead to a more refined idea for the prototype that can be developed and user tested later.

This training can be followed on by our Startup Team for Hire offer, which results in a tangible MVP that's tested and validated.

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