Hardware, software, services – Designing ecosystems for health

The experience of a product is defined by the sum of its touch points. By taking a holistic approach designs can be truly user-centric.
We agree with the industry commentators that we have reached the peak of digital experiences. Digital experiences are great, but only address part of us. We are humans, we live in a 3D world, and therefore we refuse to reduce our experiences to a 5.5" screen. This is why it's important to design services with holistic hardware-software experiences.
What is an ecosystem?

When using a service, the user becomes part of its ecosystem, interacting with it through several touch points. For instance, he/she speaks on the phone to a call center (for instance when using the Bosch Lifebuddy service), interacts with the community through an app (e.g., CardioSecur), or even operate a professional medical device, using both its software and hardware components (we can’t talk about this one). All these touch points between the user and the provider together form the ecosystem.

Why do services need to be holistic?

One service, one language, one user. Integrated interactions are very much needed, because the user is only one person, right? If the service does not “speak” one language across all touch points, users tend to mistrust it. And trust is what we need in healthcare to empower the patient!

How do we do that?

Hardware interactions can be manifold: buttons, gestures, light, scans, you name it! Software and service interactions are just as broad. Through close cooperation between both digital and physical design teams, alignment can be reached. For this, we sit close to each other, meet daily, and understand each other's challenges. We are one team

Most excitingly, we see an increase

of projects where we are asked to create a holistic product-service ecosystem, covering the design of the platform and app, as well as the product and embedded software. With our multi-disciplinary team of designers and engineers, we have excellent expertise to do so. 

The total service experience is the sum of its interactions at various touch points between the user and the provider. We make sure all channels and touch points are consistent and seamless. Thus, we establish trust; trust between all parties that make up the ecosystem. And trust is the basis of all healthcare interactions. That is where the rubber meets the road!