Hello, I am
Gloria Biberger

Organizational Designer & Researcher
Visualizing the real life in our digital future.

Gloria searches for the human side in the age of digital transformation. Her favorite question is “Why?” and she’s passionate about consulting organizations on how they can be relevant in people's lives. As a Design Expert in User Research, Interaction- and Service-Design, she mainly focuses on Organizational Design, New Work and Future Scenarios.

Before joining IXDS in 2015, Gloria worked as a Communication Designer in London and Berlin, creating visual identities and strategies for organizations in the social, cultural and environmental sectors. 

On her fifth day, Gloria engages in her highly diverse neighborhood. She was one of the founding members of Bizim Kiez, an impactful neighborhood movement in Kreuzberg. She’s also interested in learning tiny and big instruments. Besides playing the piano she also plays and draws on ukuleles. Sometimes she even pimps her instruments with a touch of robotics.

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