Hello, I am
Gloria Biberger

Service Designer
Visualizing the real life in our digital future.

Gloria sees herself as an amateur in everything with a huge range of interests. Since 2015, she has worked at IXDS as a Visual Designer, focusing especially on participatory health, but also for startups at IXDS labs.

Prior to this, she studied communication design at FH Würzburg-Schweinfurt, and worked as a photography assistant in Munich. During her studies she made a detour to London, were she worked for a design consultancy that specializes in visual identities. When she finally moved to Berlin, she gained experience at a design studio for holistic communications, where she worked for the international design conference »TYPO talks«, as well as for theaters and social and environmental driven companies. 

Coming from a more print-heavy background, in the last years, she has discovered her digital talents and interests more. At IXDS she is searching for new challenges and the human side in digital projects.

On her fifth day, Gloria engages in her highly diverse neighborhood. She is part of Bizim Kiez, a neighborhood movement, where she takes over basically everything that needs to be done with her hands-on mentality. She’s also very interested in learning tiny and big instruments. Besides playing the piano she also plays and draws on ukuleles. Sometimes she even pimps her instruments with a touch of robotics.

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