Getting our hands dirty with the new Framer X

Insights from its host and our Co-Director and Co-Entrepreneur, Philipp Kanape.
Last week IXDS played host to around 60 prototype enthusiasts for the very special Berlin Framer Meetup. It was a roaring success and generated incredible discussion on Twitter during and after the event. 

The Framer Meetup was attended by professionals from organizations including Microsoft, Ableton, Zalando, Ebay and Mercedes Benz.

Marten Biehl, Skill Owner at IXDS in Munich, shared his knowledge on how Creative Technologists at IXDS use Framer as a tool for interactive hardware prototypes and left the audience very impressed! Silvia Bormüller, a Freelance UX UI Designer and Sketch Ambassador from Munich, then shared her experience building up Meetup groups. In her very inspiring keynote she took the audience on a journey through her early days and processes of growing active membership numbers from zero to over 1000 people. Lukas Guschlbauer, a Product Designer at moodley interactive, joined us to show how Framer can be used to integrate webservices and data from a Google spreadsheet into prototypes. After a short questionnaire with the speakers, everyone was well and truly excited for their first glimpse into the new version of Framer X. 

Emily Greenhalg, Key Account Manager at Framer in Amsterdam, began the presentation with some of the new core elements that Framer X will bring. Her focus was on the features that will change how designers and programmers in organizations will co-design and co-prototype in the future. 

Emily handed over to Jonas Treub, Lead Product Developer at Framer, and we took a deep dive into the Framer X Interface. The new User Interface is reduced, with a major change being the missing toggle to go from the Design mode to the Code tab located in the top bar. In addition, Framer added a left sidebar for accessing some of the new features of Framer X, such as the Components Store. The public Component Store can be seen as a GitHub for Designers. The Design Store allows a large pool of users to contribute different components that can also be reused by other designers. There is also a Private Store for teams to share components across their organizations. Additionally, Jonas announced the promising development of a move towards React-based components. To say we were impressed would be an understatement!

Jonas’ talk was followed by half an hour of questions from the group. And as the feedback and the tweets around the event have made clear, this Meetup deserves to and will be followed by another one before the year is out!