Hello, I am
Georg Reil

Interaction Designer
Know user expectations, aim for user surprise.

In 2016, Georg followed the call of rapid prototyping and joined IXDS as an Interaction Designer. Together with the team he develops human-centered interaction concepts and uses code to enliven these concepts at an early stage.

Before his time at IXDS, Georg graduated from Würzburg University of Applied Sciences with a Diploma in Communication Design. Shortly after school he was hired by Mercedes Benz in California where he spent two years tinkering and thinking about the future of human-machine-interaction in cars. Autonomous driving-related has been a major interest ever since. In addition, Georg also developed an interest in public transportation while working in Vienna at the design studio Strukt, a topic he finds just as exciting. 

Georg is enticed by interaction with the digital world beyond the screen, hence his interest in physical computing. He is convinced that the better technology can blend in with our natural behaviors, the more it will improve our everyday lives. Georg consideres surprise and breaking expectations to be among the strongest design tools for building lasting user experiences.

On his fifth day he enjoys hiking (not only in the mountains), and swimming (not only in pools). He also likes cake and trees.

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