December 2017
08:30 am

Xmas Special Pre-Work Talk Munich Transformation tales & fails

IXDS Munich Ganghoferstraße 68b, 80339 München
It is our final Pre-Work Talk of the year, so we’ll be taking a bit of extra time on Thursday, December 7, to make the morning extra special. Tell work you'll be coming in a bit late! It's also free, but let us know if you can make it at our Facebook event page. 

For better or worse, the word transformation has been thrown around a lot this year, so we want to both reflect on it and have a bit of fun with it. We are bringing together a group of speakers from various backgrounds to share entertaining and inspiring stories around the theme ‘Transformation tales & fails’. We will also be divulging a few little facts & faux pas of our own.

From an exciting, but tumultuous, year in Blockchain, to tales of playful business transformation, to how tech has been changing lives in the fight against hunger, our speakers will be giving you something to talk about over Glühwein (don’t worry, also the non-alcoholic variety) and Christmas treats. Because in true tradition, we'd love for you to stick around for an extended morning of merry mingling before we all head off for the holidays.



Transforming Financial Freedom | Jeff Gallas, Blockchain Consultant & Entrepreneur

Hacks, highs, and a hell of a ride. The tales & fails from a year in cryptocurrency and blockchain are countless! Jeff will be reminding us of some of the transformational highlights –the good, the bad, and the eye-opening – in a quick, dynamic, everything you need to know presentation.

Jeff is a Blockchain consultant and entrepreneur based in Berlin. He's been actively involved in the Bitcoin and Blockchain space since 2011. He co-founded one of the first European Bitcoin broker websites and is the founding director of the German Bitcoin Foundation ("Bundesverband Bitcoin"). He's a member of the Crypto Economics Consulting Group and founding member of the Bitcoinkiez in Berlin as well as the world's longest running Bitcoin meetup, the Bitcoin Stammtisch in Berlin. He's currently focused on Blockchain consulting for the award-winning FinTech startup Bitwala and is regularly running workshops and advising other companies and non-profits in regard to Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

Transforming Seriousness | Volker Hirsch, Creative Consultant, Remote Control Productions

Why does Apple need to become spiritual to survive? That’s a question Volker will be answering as he tells us of tales of business transformation where fun and games navigate the change.

Volker was killed by a giant ant at the age of 12 in his first D&D session. From that day, he was lost in dice and cards, programming his first game in 1984 and later studying pedagogy and games. Working at leading companies, he produced over 1,000 games from dementia puzzles for seniors to online games with 100 million hardcore gamers. Today he consults video game developers and creates concepts for transforming serious businesses to digitization.

Transforming the Fight Against Hunger | Jamie Green, Consultant, UN World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator

From food computers to a virtual farmers’ market, the UN World Food Programme (wfp) Innovation Accelerator is supporting solutions that use tech to provide a better, hunger free future. Jamie will be sharing inspiring stories from the field, where lives are being transformed.    ​