May 2017
08:30 am

XING NEW WORK Sessions Wolfsburg When transformation becomes innovation

For over 10 years, at IXDS we've been testing NEW WORK prototypes. From flexible working hours to fluid job roles, we're always looking to share our experiences and further explore how we and our partners approach the way we work. That's why we're excited to partner with XING for another NEW WORK Sessions—the pioneering event series that brings together experts and practitioners to exchange ideas and best practices for the working world of tomorrow. Join us for the next edition in Wolfsburg on May 31! 
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We have a limited amount of tickets to give away, so send your details to as soon as you can and we'll let you know by Monday, May 15, who got in first. Alternatively, to secure a spot, head to the XING NEW WORK Sessions website to register.

Please note that the event will be in German.


The XING NEW WORK Sessions will feature a day of keynotes, workshops, discussions. As part of this program, we'll be hosting our own break out stream with three different sessions, which you can learn more about below.

Visit the XING site to join and see the full program. 

New Work, after the hype: the age of prototypes

With IXDS Berlin Studio Director Verena Augustin, and IXDS Senior Service Designer Patricia Hegglin.

New work may be a buzzword, but do you know how to put transformation into practice? Drawing on Service Design methods, in a two-hour hands-on session, participants will learn how turn pain points into early prototypes. This method of "experience prototyping" is an important tool to to quickly implement small changes in the work culture of an organization and test assumptions in the real world.

The impossible organization

With Head of Premium Cola Uwe Lübbermann

For 15 years, Premium Cola has been playing by its own rules. From day one, the company owner handed over decision-making power to whoever wanted it: co-workers, suppliers, customers, anyone. And the results… The collective began operating under its own wayward rules, such as having no fixed working hours, employee bonuses, or even an office! From this "disastrous" model, the company has managed to deliver to 200 cities, grow at a controlled rate of 10%, and sell 1.5 million bottles annually! How? In this session, learn the secrets to Premium Cola's radical work model success. 

Why the most successful enterprises will be shaped by self-management in the future—and how that can work


With Vice President Research & Innovation at SAP SE Reiner Bildmayer, and IXDS NEW WORK Design Lead Katrin Kaya

Self-management is key to staying innovative in a complex and fast-moving world. But how does a company work in a way in which everyone decides on their own what, when, and how much they're working? In this session, hear the results of the extensive research carried out by SAP & IXDS, including concrete ideas on how to get started, and a vision for tomorrow's company software.