October 2018
08:30 am

UX-DAY 2018 User Experience in E-Commerce, Marketing & Industry

In October, we were in Mannheim with the leaders in UX for three days of input, workshops and networking. Participants learned how to make the most out of VR for protoyping, and our Creative Technologist Gregor Finger presented his insights into the benefits of using immersive technologies in design-related projects.

UX-DAY is Germany's premiere event in User Experience. The first day gave participants the opportunity to attend workshops with the likes of Adobe XD, to gain an in-depth look at the software, ask questions, and have the chance to creative an interactive prototype from scratch.

The second day was the UX-DAY CONFERENCE, where Gregor presented his experiences with holisitc prototyping and testing user experiences in virtual reality. He explored the benefits of using immersive technologies in design-related projects, and discussed how to properly prepare users for these experiences in order to foster tangible results. These more valid test results leave less room for interpretation and ambiguity.

Day three featured four expert masterclasses in the fields of UI Animation, Data Visualization, Creativity, and Gamification.

Visit the UX-DAY website for more information.