November 2017
05:30 pm

The Digital Workplace Think & Drink

Fancy pondering 'User Experiences in the Digital World' over a beverage this week in Munich? Then come along to the AECOM Think & Drink event, where our Munich Studio Director Alexandra Pretschener, and Designer David Normington will be speaking about the topic. The evening is part of a wider Learning Day on 'The Digital Workplace' aimed at sparking discussion around our digital journey, and the kinds of work environments we want to create.
Be part of the journey

The  AECOM Think & Drink event is part of its EMIA Strategy + Learning Day in Munich. With keynotes, panel discussions, and a social gathering between the company's business network, together we will discuss developments and new ideas surrounding the hot topic: Digital Workplace. The goal is to inspire, engage and confront the audience with the experience of an array of speakers, and then socialize in a relaxed environment, exchanging thoughts and opportunities. 

If you want to take part please get in touch with the AECOM team asap: | |

Topics & Speakers


AECOM Digital Transformation Process with Dale Sinclair, Director Tech Practice Architecture, AECOM UK; Andy Wohlsperger, Director Technology Digital Project Delivery AECOM Germany 

Technology and the Workplace Transformation with Zièd Bahrouni, Managing Director & Co-Founder Motius

User Experience in the Digital World with Alexandra Pretschener, Studio Manage Munich, IXDS; David Normington, Designer IXDS

People, Organizations and Digital Workplace with Alexandra Feichtner, Organizational Development AF