May 2017
08:30 am

Pre-Work Talk Munich Future-proofing Foods

With food consciousness largely dominated by the quinoa and kale brigade, it’s often difficult to look at what’s been deemed as the “next big” sustainable food solution without your eyes poised to roll. But with our current state of (over)consumption, increasingly unpredictable climate, and the the ongoing problem of overpopulation, we need take a closer look at what may seem like an elitist food fad in order to find that grain of hope.

At this month’s Munich Pre-Work Talk on May 11, we’re putting two solutions under the microscope, and opening up the discussion to look at our future relationship with food and food production. We’ll be joined by the Chief Scientist from INFARM, a start-up that’s pioneering on-demand indoor farming services to help cities become self-sufficient — its glowing boxes that grow veggies without natural sunlight will soon be seen in supermarkets throughout Germany. We’ll also be hearing from the Founder of SWARM Protein, a company that’s on a mission to make the old tradition of insect eating the new norm.

Are you convinced that these are the types of methods that hold the key to future-proofing our food systems? Are you prepared to eat vegetables that have never seen the (natural) light of day, and swap a juicy stake for a crunchy insect bar to get your protein fix?

Come ready with questions next Thursday and join in the discussion. Coffee will be ready from 8:30am, the insects may take longer.


Pavlos is the Chief Science Officer from the INFARM Plant Research Department. He will be able to answer your questions about the modular hydroponic farming units that have seen the company becoming the first vertical farming solution to be certified with GLOBALG.A.P., and selected by the European Commission as one of the top 4% of Europe’s leading innovators in the field of agriculture and technology.


Timo is one of the founders of SWARM Protein. His company develops functional and sustainable sportsnutrition containing high-value protein from insects. Before entering the crazy world of insect business, Timo was part of the creative industry. As a service designer he worked for renowned design agencies and most recently he was Design Lead with IXDS.


Timo and Christopher started their entrepreneurial journey in 2015. On their motorbikes they explored Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, always on their self-assigned mission: Eating insects! The friends set their vision on bringing insect protein onto the western plate.

Eating insects isn’t that new actually. At least for two billion people around the globe who already value insects as a nutritious part of their diet. Just the western world is a little unfamiliar in getting along with the idea of eating some creepy-crawlies. But for what reason? Insects are highly nutritious. They contain all essential amino acids, are high in unsaturated fatty acids and packed with micronutrients such as vitamin B12. Furthermore, insects consume only a fraction of the natural resources compared to livestock. This makes insects both highly functional and very sustainable.