February 2019
08:30 am

Pre-Work Talk Munich From Tradition to Transformation

We live in times of change! With things changing faster and more radically than ever before, we need to adapt to match the world around us. Among the many facets of life this affects, is the workplace. According to Tobias Ködel, the driving force behind the famous Leadership 2020 initiative at Daimler, “transformation” needs become a set part of our vocabulary rather than just a #buzzword. We’re counting our lucky stars to have him join us for our next Munich Pre-WorkTalk on Thursday February 21 – so buckle up!

How can established companies of the so-called old economy survive and thrive in the fourth industrial revolution? Auto giant Daimler braced for this socio-economic change by bringing about the change itself: Its Leadership 2020 initiative was set to usher in a new era by way of cultural change – a true transformation from the inside out.

Spearheading this transformation was former Head of Leadership 2020 Tobias Ködel, who was responsible for the planning, steering and execution of one of Daimler AG's biggest change initiatives. His approach? Do things differently from the get-go and break patterns. Unafraid of pushing boundaries, he challenged the tried-and-true Daimler structures and processes. 

We’re honored to have Tobias share his insights and learnings from leading this monumental transformation, and talk candidly about what worked, and what didn’t. Beyond that, we will tap into whether transformation is just a trend, or a necessity for survival.

Swing by, from 8:30am for a cup of joe; Tobias will begin at 9am! We look forward to seeing you at our studio at Ganghoferstr 68b.

Tobias Ködel

Tobias is a Transformation Advisor, Culture Rebel and Executive Coach. Together with management boards, executive boards and executives, he develops liveable working environments in which people and organizations can develop to their full potential. With over 15 years of experience in human resources and communications, he has, in recent years, worked intensively on the emergence and change of corporate and leadership culture in the digital age as well as the impact of artificial intelligence on potential development, ways of working, and learning. As Head of Leadership 2020, he was responsible for the planning, steering and execution of one of Daimler AG's biggest change initiatives. After almost 10 years at Daimler, he left the company and founded advisory start-up THE BEAUTIFUL UGLY TRUTH Consulting, a boutique consultancy focused on culture, communication and business model innovation.