February 2020
08:30 am

Pre-Work Talk Munich Empathic Listening: An Innovation Design Superpower

Join us for our Munich Pre-Work Talk on Thursday 20 February, where Experience Consultant and Coach Maximilian Schmidt will answer the #IXDSCriticalQuestion: How can the practice of empathic listening lead to more successful design?

In order to be successful, products and services first have to satisfy user needs. While this may seem obvious, depending on the industry, between 30-60% of all innovation projects result in failure – often because users and future customers are excluded from the design process. Involving them in every step of the journey can minimize the risk of failure, lower research and development costs, and even contribute to a better brand image – but only if they are properly listened to.

In his presentation, Max will explain the different levels of listening and the distinctions between them. He will also elaborate on how using the “highest” level – empathic listening – can increase the possibility of success in design, and how you can start to achieve this yourself. Further to this, the talk will also introduce hands-on, practical methods you can use to start training to listen empathically.

Come on down at 8:30 am for tea & coffee – the talk will start at 9am.

We look forward to seeing you at our studio at Ganghoferstraße 68b.

Maximilian Schmidt


Max is an experience consultant with a passion for innovation design. A particular focus of his work is bridging the gap between developing strategy and actually delivering valuable experiences to users. With a background in design and technology, he has a strong interest in economics, as well as teaching and coaching. He strives to create the best experience possible for the user, and is especially skilled in listening empathically to colleagues, clients and customers.