June 2016
08:30 am

Pre-Work Talk Munich Connected Hardware

Let’s get phygital! Industrial design is one of our new key skills at IXDS, and this Pre-Work Talk we're excited to delve into a discussion about challenges in this area in the age of digitalization. (You can read the recap, see pictures and videos of the event here).

Remember when design disciplines were easy to define? Product designers made products and graphic designers created beautiful images. But now, digitalization has brought massive changes to all areas of design and thinking in simple categories is no longer sufficient. Companies and designers are now faced with a higher degree of complexity when developing new products and services.

As humans are still very much intrigued by physical interaction with real objects, at next Thursday’s Pre-Work Talk (June 16), our Industrial Design Director Stephan Rein will discuss the importance of carefully combining different worlds to create relevant products, as well as share examples, thoughts and ideas around the industry's exciting developments.

He’ll be joined by Thomas Kirchner, Founder and CEO of ProGlove, the hugely successful industrial design wearable startup. Thomas will discuss the design process behind the “smart glove” and how it's set to make a massive impact on the improvement of quality and efficiency in industries.

We're in for a great morning! Come along and bring your friends, colleagues and collaborators. See you from 8:30am

Thomas Kirchner, CEO ProGlove

Thomas is founder and CEO of ProGlove, a wearable solution for quality and efficiency improvement in industries. Prior to ProGlove Thomas worked as a Design Thinking innovation consultant and founded companies in retail, mobility and internet of things. As an integrator, Thomas’ focus is on translating technical and business aspects into an experience for the customer in order to create value for the company.

More on ProGlove: 

ProGlove is designed as a safety device with embedded sensors and scanners to aid manufacturing and logistics workers. It uses motion-tracking to ensure compliance with required steps in industrial processes, records vitals and even automates SKU scanning for inventory.

 The concept was created as part of the Intel “Make It Wearable” Challenge in 2014, and has since become a hugely successful startup. Just last week, it was announced that the ‘smart glove’ will receive $2.2 million in a Series A funding round led by Intel Capital and involving Bayern Kapital and GETTYLAB. 

ProGlove in action
Stephan Rein, IXDS Industrial Design Director

In his role as Industrial Design Director, Stephan is constantly involved in design projects that combine the different worlds of product design, structural packaging, branding, service and UX/UI design. As a designer, he is convinced that creativity is the key to new and relevant solutions. 

Some of Stephan’s key clients over the last years have included Procter&Gamble, SPA Mineral Water, Heineken, KPN Telecom, Ahold, Unilever, Lely, Kärcher, and Philips, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. With his work, Stephan has achieved numerous international design awards such as the Red Dot award, Dutch design award, and the Pentaward, amongst others. 

Pre-Work Talk Munich 06/2016 - Connected Hardware