November 2018
08:30 am

Pre-Work Talk Munich Spatial Exploration

IXDS Munich Ganghoferstr. 68b 80339
Lights, Camera, Interaction!

For all those in the business of designing desirable, joyful experiences, or if you’re looking for a little interaction satisfaction, then this Pre-Work Talk has your name on it – possibly, in lights! On Thursday, November 15, we’re looking at the creative ways designers are playing with Human-Machine Interactions (HMI) in spatial contexts, and how these could be applied to other day-to-day products and services. Come and see where the light, sounds, and surfaces can guide you.

Our first speaker is product and project manager Sebastián Mealla, who specializes in HMI and user-centric design. Sebastian has worked on the design of digital products for the creative industry, spanning from music to wearables and interactive machine learning. Lately he’s been focusing on cutting-edge lighting technology to create high-impact experiences for architecture, entertainment, retail and hospitality, as well as creating disruptive business models around the concept of 'lighting as a service' through his company ProtoPixel.

We will then be stepping into the interactive spatial world of creative director, author, and lecturer Tobias Sievers. Tobias also plays around with the fun side of HMI, mixing visuals, sound and space to design engaging, entertaining, and delightful experiences for anything from museums, to stores and stages. He will be sharing insights from his new book ‘Handbuch Mediatektur’ in which he provides criteria on how to develop and optimize mediatecture ideas and concepts to really electrify a space and immerse an audience.

Come and see the possibilities and be inspired! Join us from 8:30am for a warm cup of coffee, then talks take place from 9 – 10am. See you at our studio at Ganghoferstr. 68b 80339.

More about Sebastián Mealla
Sebastián is CEO of ProtoPixel, a Barcelona-born startup that is changing the way we experience light through easy to use, intelligent lighting technology. With a PhD in ICT and a background in user-centered design and tech transfer, he brings life to products for music performance, intelligent lighting control, and interactive machine learning. Sebastián is also the co-organizer of different innovation and creative platforms like the Barcelona Music Hack Day, the Sonar Innovation Challenge within Sonar Festival and MIRA Festival Berlin.

More about Tobias Sievers
Tobias is Creative Director at Luxoom, one of the early pioneers in digitally created multi-media shows. At Luxoom, he focusses on combining interaction, visuals, sound and space into brand and edutainment experiences. He is also a lecturer for Digital Media & Exhibitions at UdK (Universität der Künste Berlin) and taught as an associate professor for Digital Media Design at the China Academy of the Arts Shanghai Campus. In 2013, together with his former colleague and co-author Andrea Rostásy, Tobias began research for the ‘Handbuch Mediatektur’ which was presented on the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018.