September 2019
08:30 am

Pre-Work Talk Munich On the frontline of digital innovation: Lessons learnt from IFA & ARS Electronica 2019

Join us for our Munich Pre-Work Talk on Thursday September 19 where our experts will answer the #IXDSCriticalQuestion: What do this year's IFA and ARS Electronica tell us about the frontline of digital innovation?

When two of the biggest fairs for digital innovation occur on the same weekend, you can expect an overload of new ideas, products and inspiration. This September, the world’s biggest consumer electronics show, IFA, will be held in Berlin from September 6-11. Simultaneously, the groundbreaking festival for art, technology and society, ARS Electronica, will be running in Linz from the 5th to the 9th. From electronics and home appliances to digital humanism and AI music - IFA and ARS Electronica continue to define the forefront of digital evolution.

Both events attract thousands of exhibitors and visitors from around the world. Worried about missing something from the sheer volume of new ideas and products being presented at the coinciding events? Don’t be! At IXDS, we have sent our experts ahead to filter through the myriad impressions and bring back highlights in design, tech and user experience.

They will present loads of insights at our September Pre-Work Talk. This is an ideal way to catch the premieres of new products as well as explore emerging trends at both shows and their implications for the future.

Come by at 8:30 to grab a coffee, as we exhibit the best and brightest of IFA and ARS Electronica from 9am onwards.

We look forward to seeing you at our studio at Ganghoferstraße 68b, 80339 München.

In the meantime, check out Sven's thoughts on IFA 2018 below:

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