September 2018
08:30 am

Pre-Work Talk Munich What the IFA!?

Ganghoferstr. 68b, München
The bigger than ever tech show (and tell).

Hello digital assistant, can you tell me if there’s anything new to get excited about in the huge world of connected products? Oh, you don’t know… ok, well then lucky our Connected Living team are braving another IFA – what’s been described as Europe’s “bigger than ever” tech show – and will gather only the good (and scary) bits we need to know about. On Thursday, September 13, they want to tell you all about it, so come join us in Munich for one of favorite Pre-Work Talks of the year!

Talking, waving, or blinking – how are we interacting with products this year? Is there anything new cooking in the future kitchen? Is fitness and wellness innovation getting a bit tired? We'll make our way past 1,805 exhibitors, and share what the world’s top brands and promnising new companies have launched and what left an impression.

Join our Connected Living team as they give us the full run-down on September 13. See you then at our Munich studio from 8:30am and share your thoughts on our connected future!

Check out the teaser we filmed on-site!