July 2018
08:30 am

Pre-Work Talk Munich The State of Communities

Ganghoferstr. 68b, München
Whether it’s online, IRL (in real life), or on Mars, we’re continuously building and forming communities all around us as a way to connect, share knowledge, and create movements that can have significant social impact. And at a time of increased polarization in society, it’s important to take a deeper look into what makes these communities thrive. At our Munich Pre-Work Talk on Thursday, July 12, we’re very excited about the experts we’re bringing in to explore how we define community; whether the meaning of community has changed in the digital age; and if online communities can promote democracy and help people understand each other despite their differences.

First up, we’ll be joined by Co-founder of co-matter Severin Matusek, whose organization just released a ‘State of Communities’ report based on insights from 150 community experts from around the world. From how companies engage with their audience to grow, to how people are taking back control, Severin will give us the status quo and future of communities.

We will then hear from Alice Thwaite, founder of the The Echo Chamber Club, who’s joining us all the way from Oxford where she’s studying at the Internet Institute. Alice will give a talk on "How to Disagree,” looking at how communities should manage their differences and disagreements. There will also be a focus on the design of online communication platforms, and how this can influence behaviors and interactions.

Communities are part of all our lives, and we can’t wait to hear what Severin, Alice, and our Pre-Work Talk audience have to say about this fascinating topic. Doors open at 8:30am for coffee and networking, then the talks will take place from 9 – 10am. See you at our studio on Ganghoferstr 68b. Get ready for some great discussion!


Severin is a co-founder of co-matter, a platform that explores what makes communities thrive. Curious about bringing people together in more meaningful ways, he most recently built EyeEm's community of 22 million photographers, co-initiated Copenhagen’s Techfestival and founded a cycling club called Friends of Velocity.

Severin is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer on community leadership and culture, sharing his thoughts and experiences with global brands, organizations and universities. He likes cycling, eating and reading the newspaper on a Sunday morning.


Alice Thwaite is the founder of the Echo Chamber Club and studying at the Oxford Internet Institute. Previously she worked as Head of Commercial at a content start-up and produced special reports for The Times of London. She co-hosts a weekly podcast on tech ethics called: “Talking With Alice and Andrew About Tech Sh**” / TWAAATS.