March 2019
08:30 am

Pre-Work Talk Berlin 'Yes honey, I'm hands free!'

We live in an age of screens, smart devices and a whole lot of multitasking. And with digital interfaces popping up everywhere, we've started to wonder; is their presence and ‘assistance’ actually responsible and humane?

At our Berlin Pre-Work Talk on Tuesday, March 12 we’re welcoming Rèmi Bigot and Oliver Hill of German Autolabs, to investigate how to live a connected life, safely, while on the road and answer our #IXDSCriticalQuestion: How can intelligent VUIs help us interact responsibly with our environment?

Many of us know what it's like sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic with only trashy news, Top 40 pop songs and a whole lot of frustration to keep us company. You want to connect with your boss, your partner, your doctor, to be kept in the loop on the day’s meetings, or their outrage at the latest Brexit revelations. So, we’d hazard a guess that at one time or another, you’ve pulled out your smartphone and let it rest just below the dashboard; which yes, is an offence but incredibly Handy!

The team at German Autolabs understands our collective frustration and in response, developed a digital assistant that will make any driver’s access to apps and services safer, legal and much more convenient. Their conversational interface is Chris, your connection to the world outside your vehicle. Using voice and natural gesture control technology, Chris is a Voice User Interface (VUI) that’ll keep you in touch responsibly, while you’re on the go.

As two of the designers behind Chris, Rèmi Bigot and Oliver Hill will take us through Chris’ development journey – from tools, to methods and prototyping – and share what they've learned while creating an engaging and intelligent service, that satisfies a specific need for hands free interaction.

Come by at 8:30am for your morning cup of joe; our speakers will begin at 9am! We look forward to seeing you at our studio on Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39/40.

Rèmi Bigot

Rémi is a designer with over 10 years' experience creating award winning design and creative solutions focused on brand and meaningful user experience. He has worked for some of the most renowned design studios, becoming a UX design expert in products and services for international brands. Rémi joined German Autolabs in 2016 as Head of Design, helping to bring the first digital assistant for drivers to market

Oliver Hill

Oliver is a UX designer whose work focuses on conceptualizing the user experience for digital products. He is passionate about solving problems and achieving user goals through quantitative and qualitative research methods. With a background in psychology and a degree in Human-Computer Interaction from University College London, Oliver is now designing the multimodal interaction for German Autolabs' Chris.