February 2017
08:30 am

Pre-Work Talk Berlin Designing for Trust

“I’m really excited about privacy and security” said no one, ever. But that’s because these topics are given a bad rap; generally perceived as negative and boring, with a level of complexity best left in the hands of cryptographers…. This needs to change. In a world heading towards the Internet of everything, it’s time to reframe how we experience privacy, and get designers enthusiastic about taking responsibility to help the public help themselves.

When reflecting on CES at our last Pre-Work Talk, it was abundantly clear that there was one big question still hanging over our heads when looking at the latest and greatest IoT products: Has nobody thought about security?

So we’re kicking off the discussion on February 14 in Berlin, with a talk dedicated to the crucial role designers can play to make websites, apps, and platforms safer and more transparent for consumers, while still benefiting companies in the long run.

We’re very pleased to welcome Ame Elliott, Design Director at Simply Secure, a nonprofit founded by Google and Ideo alumni that’s dedicated to bringing together multidisciplinary teams of software engineers, UX researchers and designers, users, and other collaborators to make ubiquitous privacy and security a reality.

She will be joined by Jon Rogers from the University of Dundee, who is currently based in Berlin’s Mozilla offices, working with the foundation to build the Open IoT Studio. A project that seeks to advance responsible open IoT through professional practices and a network of practitioners who conduct research, make prototypes and build meaningful collaborations.

Join us for coffee at 8:30am, then talks take place from 9 – 10am. Let’s start getting excited about how we can shape privacy and security!

Ame Elliott, Design Director at Simply Secure

Ame Elliott is design director for Simply Secure, where she is a passionate advocate for bringing design to usable security. She joined Simply Secure after eight years at IDEO San Francisco, leading design research and delivering human-centered tech strategy projects for Fortune 500 clients such as Acer, Ericsson, and Samsung. Her past projects include a study of the home computing experience on three continents; creating a business strategy to harness the value of machine-to-machine interactions; and networked bathroom hardware for the beauty industry. Prior to IDEO, she was a research scientist at (Xerox), PARC, and Ricoh Innovations. Ame earned a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley for her work creating hybrid physical-digital interactions to support the architectural design process. She studied human-computer interaction and architecture at Berkeley and the University of Colorado, Boulder, and believes design education is a great foundation for technology developers.

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We held a workshop with SimplySecure in late 2016 on this topic, which you can read more about here.

We also recommend you get up to speed by checking out the article by Fast Company which features the work and insights of Ame and the SimplySecure team.

You can check out past talks on our dedicated Pre-Work Talk YouTube channel.

Professor of Creative Technology, University of Dundee

Professor Jon Rogers holds a personal chair in creative technology at the University of Dundee. His work explores the human intersection between digital technologies and the design of physical of things. He balances playful technologies with citizenship to find new ways to connect people to each other and to their data.

Jon Founded the Product Research Studio located in the North East of Scotland in 2009 and is proud to have worked with some of the world’s best organizations, including BBC R&D, Microsoft, Mozilla, NASA, the Met Office and the Victoria and Albert Museum. With academic collaborations that include MIT Media Labs in the US and the National Institute of Design in India Jon is excited about how easy the world is to reach and to connect to.

Currently Jon is conducting a year-long research in collaboration with the Mozilla Foundation, building the Open IoT Studio. You can learn more about it here: https://github.com/openiotstudio/general