July 2018
08:30 am

Pre-Work Talk Berlin The State of Communities

IXDS Berlin Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39-40, 10999
Whether it’s online, IRL (In Real Life), or on Mars, we’re continuously building and forming communities all around us as a way to connect, share knowledge, and create movements that can have significant social impact. As members of our Pre-Work Talk network, you know how important community is to us, so we’re very excited to be able dedicate our Berlin talk, on July 3, to this topic and explore ‘The State of Communities’.

The ‘State of Communities’ report was put together by our long-time friend and upcoming Pre-Work Talk speaker Severin Matusek, Co-founder of co-matter. He and his organization spoke with 150 community experts from around the world about what makes communities thrive, asking questions such as: How do we define community? Has the meaning of community changed in the digital age? And how are developing technologies enhancing our communities, and creating communities of the future?

He will be sharing the key findings before passing the mic over to Pia Mancini and Xavier Damman, Cofounders of Open Collective. They will outline their vision for an open source economy, and how their platform enables communities to quickly set up a collective, raise funds and manage them transparently.

Pia, a democracy activist, and Xavier, the cofounder of Storify.com, what was the hugely successful storytelling community, are both visiting from New York. We are very pleased to be able to invite them and Severin along for this unique opportunity to share their wealth of community-building insights with you.

As usual, we’ll be opening up the discussion for everyone to get involved. See you at 8:30am for coffee and networking, then the talks will kick off at 9am. We can’t wait!

Severin Matusek, co-matter Co-founder


Severin is a co-founder of co-matter, a platform that explores what makes communities thrive. Curious about bringing people together in more meaningful ways, he most recently built EyeEm's community of 22 million photographers, co-initiated Copenhagen’s Techfestival and founded a cycling club called Friends of Velocity.

Severin is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer on community leadership and culture, sharing his thoughts and experiences with global brands, organizations and universities. He likes cycling, eating and reading the newspaper on a Sunday morning.

Pia Mancini, Open Collective Co-Founder


Democracy activist, open source sustainer, co-founder at Open Collective and Chair of DemocracyEarth Foundation. Pia worked in politics in Argentina and developed technology for democracy around the world. YC Alum, globe-trotter and Roma's mum. She is now based in NYC.

Pia is driven by a deep belief that we are 21st century citizens doing our very best to interact with 19th century designed institutions built with an information technology of the 15th century. She is convinced that it is up to us to design the political and economic systems for the internet generation.

Xavier Damman, Open Collective Co-Founder


Entrepreneur, engineer, Xavier cofounded Storify.com in San Francisco in 2011 (acquired by Livefyre then Adobe). He started Open Collective in 2015 out of a frustration of not being able to collect money for an Internet movement that he led in Belgium to help fellow entrepreneurs. He also started BrusselsTogether, a non-profit and an Open Collective Host to enable citizens in Brussels to start initiatives without the overhead of creating their own entity. He is also a European Young Leader.

Xavier is driven by accelerating the transition from companies to communities. From Nation States, to City States, from passive 20th century citizens who could only consume information and goods, to active 21th century citizens who can start initiatives locally and turn them into movements all around the world.