November 2019
08:30 am

Pre-Work Talk Berlin Designing the future of self-pleasure

Join us for our Berlin Pre-Work Talk on Tuesday November 12, where Amorelie product designers Tom Mudra and Jon Derman Harris will answer the #IXDSCriticalQuestion: What impact can sex toys have on a person, a partnership, and a society?

The sex toy industry has had a busy last decade, experiencing both rapid economic growth and growing social acceptance. Every day, product developers at Berlin-based industry pioneers Amorelie explore ways to prepare for the next one, addressing far-reaching questions like:

  • What impact can sex toys have on a person, a partnership, and society? 
  • And what role will these play in the future of love, sex, and relationships?

Brands like Amorelie have already pushed boundaries by elevating a previously stigmatized industry into the mainstream with thoughtful design, open-minded attitudes, and a mission to strengthen self-love, self-exploration, and intimacy between partners. Now that sex toys feature in homes, drugstores and on TV ads, what's next for the industry?

Tom Mudra and Jon Derman Harris, product designers at Amorelie, will share their methods, motivations, and meditations on the future of self-pleasure.

Tom Mudra & Jon Derman Harris


Tom and Jon are product designers at Amorelie, a Berlin-based online shop for all things love, sex, and relationships. With their teammates, they provide creative direction on product development from sketch to shelf, including conducting user and market research, developing proof of concepts, prototyping digitally and physically, and testing for usability and manufacturability. When not in the office, you can find them seeking inspiration at fairs, museums, exhibitions, or workshops.