May 2019
08:30 am

Pre-Work Talk Berlin Intelligent algorithms & the growth of smart medicine

Join us for our Berlin Pre-Work Talk on Tuesday May 14 where AICURA medical’s Business Developer Janis Reinelt will answer the #IXDSCriticalQuestion: How can we use technology to bridge the gap between innovators and clinical practice?

Digital assistants are becoming part of our DNA. Alexa answers our questions, algorithms predict our needs, and rideshares are available at every street corner. But is there a role for artificial intelligence in our major medical institutions? Can algorithms accurately decode data and make it useful for clinical practice? 

The AICURA Health Platform uses machine learning to rapidly integrate clinical research into hospital workflows. At our Berlin Pre-Work Talk, Janis Reinelt will share his experiences as both a practitioner and business developer, and answer the #IXDSCriticalQuestion: How can we use technology to bridge the gap between innovators and clinical practice?

There’s a trust and knowledge gap between innovators and healthcare providers. But cross-disciplinary teams are navigating issues of data privacy and existing hospital infrastructures to put solid, clinical research to good use. Janis will focus on how we can break free and advance from the current status quo, and share why AI is not just hype, but rather an innovative way of elevating clinical healthcare practices. 

So, come by at 8:30am for your morning cup of joe; Janis will begin at 9am! We look forward to seeing you at our studio on Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39/30.

Janis Reinelt

Janis is a medical doctor and business developer at AICURA medical. Prior to his current role, Janis began working on his PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences and worked part-time as a psychiatric physician. Janis' PhD focuses on brain imaging and the effects of stress on brain plasticity. Having experienced the massive translational gap that exists between innovative data-driven research and outdated technology in clinical practice firsthand, he joined AICURA medical to work to improve healthcare delivery.