March 2018
08:30 am

Pre-Work Talk Berlin Designing Public Spaces

Public spaces. Ugh. Many of us try to avoid them like the plague, because there’s nothing like a dose of urban ugliness and human congestion to ruin your day. The good news is, this may be about to change: more focus is being placed on designing public spaces in a way that not only benefits how we interact with them, but also how we feel while in them. Join us at our Pre-Work Talk on March 6 to hear from two great speakers whose work in this area will make you look at anything form train stations to underpasses in a whole new way.

A big part of the urban landscape is how we move within it, so our first speaker will be sharing some ideas around a paradigm shift in how we relate to mobility. Fewer and fewer people own private vehicles, and the trend is moving towards a collective use of transport. Shalini Sahoo, a PhD student at the Royal College of Art, will tell us about her work into human material interaction on public transportation, and how these can be harmonized in order to make passengers feel more comfortable.

We’re not stopping there… As humans, we also crave creativity. It’s just as much about the element of surprise and wonder and how that can affect you and the space around you. Therefore, our second speaker Susa Pop from Public Art Lab in Berlin, will tell us about what urban media art can do for creative city making.

Come and join us to talk about a topic that affects all of us every day, and get inspired by the possibilities clever design plays in creating public spaces we actually want to be in! 

Shalini Sahoo

is currently working on her PhD to the tune of “Harmonizing Human Material Interaction in Interiors of Public Transportation” in an effort to analyze, understand and enhance the quality of interaction between humans and material entities. Her research aims to generate a rational understanding of elements that contribute to commuters’ wellbeing in shared public spaces – whether at a train station or on actual trains – thereby aiming to provide passengers a quality of life they otherwise reserve for leisure. Shalini’s work spans from doing material and colour innovations for the automobile industry in Germany, to working as a barefoot designer with craftspeople in India and Pakistan.

Susa Pop

is a curator, cultural producer, lecturer, and the artistic director and co-founder of Public Art Lab. She is also the initiator of Connecting Cities which is a worldwide network of urban media art environments and institutions. Having originally studied design and cultural management, Susa has curated numerous projects worldwide with a focus on creative city-making through urban media art which foster digital placemaking, community building, and citizen science in the urban space. Publications: 'Urban Media Cultures' (avedition 2012), 'What Urban Media Art Can Do' (avedition 2016) and  'Creativity in the Urban Context', 2017.