July 2016
08:30 am

Pre-Work Talk Berlin Machine Learning

No longer just a tool for data scientists, machine learning is providing exciting new possibilities in creative fields, transforming the way things are designed and made.

At this Berlin Pre-Work Talk, we have the honor of hearing from two great speakers who are pushing the boundaries in their explorations of machine learning, and will open our eyes to new ways of applying it to design and creative fields.

Visiting Berlin from New York for only a few weeks, Gene Kogan is an artist and programmer who is interested in generative systems, emerging technology and artificial intelligence. In his talk he’ll broadly present recent advancements in the field of machine learning, focusing on applications to art, design, and other creative disciplines. He’ll share recent works and easily explain their underlying science using a selection of interactive demos and educational resources from ml4a (the free book he’s developing about machine learning for artists). 

That's not all! We'll be joined by a special guest: Patrycja Slawuta, a NYC-based researcher and entrepreneur and founder of Self Hackathon. She'll talk about the intersection of AI and the human mind - how to hack, rewire and upgrade the human OS. 

It's going to be a pretty special morning. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Gene Kogan

Gene is an artist and programmer who is interested in generative systems, emerging technology, and artificial intelligence. He writes code for live music, performance, and visual art. He is a contributor to numerous open-source software projects, and leads workshops and demonstrations on topics related to code and art. Gene is currently developing ml4a, a free book about machine learning for artists.

He is a contributor to openFrameworks and Processing, an adjunct professor at ITP-NYU and Bennington College, and a former artist-in-residence at The School for Poetic Computation and Eyebeam.

Pre-Work Talk BERLIN 07/2016 - Machine Learning (Part I)
Patrycja Slawuta, Self Hackathon

Patrycja is a connoisseur of the complexity and nonlinearity of human nature. Her scientific research addresses the complex psychological phenomena such as morality, motivation and meaning. She is the founder of SelfHackathon - powerful events that she co-hosts with other world-class experts and scientists to help already high achievers hack their minds for much more confidence, connection and creativity. Find our more here.

Pre-Work Talk BERLIN 07/2016 - Machine Learning (Part II)