September 2016
07:00 pm

New Work: The Basics Meetup

new work is the vision of a job system where we all have the true freedom of choosing what we really, really want to do. Many organizations are already embracing it. Let’s get together to explore, experiment and discuss ideas around this topic!

In the first event for this new  meetup, organized by Alles Roger, you'll  learn about the foundations of new work from guest experts, including our own Senior Service Designer Patricia Hegglin, who will provide insight into the challenges and advantages of adopting a 4-day work week

By the end of the meetup you’ll have an overview of some new work concepts and ideas about how to use them for your career, team or organization.

Additionally, there will be an opportunity for Q&As, networking and mingling.

Who is this meetup for?


  • Employees curious about the benefits of new work
  • Entrepreneurs and team leads wanting to explore better ways to work
  • Human resources professionals looking for innovation in this field
  • Organizations willing to share their stories about old and new work
Meet the experts


  • Lea Boehm – Allesroger: Lea is considered a pioneer in the implementation of New Work tactics. She specialises in team and leadership development, and has helped countless teams in the way to adopt a better culture.
  • Patricia Hegglin  Patricia is Senior Service Designer at IXDS. She creates holistic concepts and develops full service design strategies that help improve customer experience. She is heavily involved in organizing IXDS' partnership with the XING New Work Sessions, and has worked on the studio's client projects in the field of new work.  


  • 19:00 Talk - Introduction to New Work: What is it and how can you and your team benefit from it
  • 19:30 Talk - All you need to know about the 4-day work week 
  • 20:00 Q&A
  • 20:15 - 22:00 Connect, network, mingle
Are you interested?

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