June 2018
07:00 pm

Maptime Meetup Mapping Berlin

IXDS Berlin Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39-40, 10999
The Maptime crew are back with a new session focused on our own creative city. Everyone is welcome! We and the mappers look forward to seeing you in our studio!
The Line-Up

**Sailing across geospatial data in a Python boat**
by Agata Migalska

Talk description: In this talk I will report on my journey through the oceans of OpenStreetMap data and on Python packages that proved useful in processing this data. The objective of the presentation is to build an application that finds certain points of (our) interest in our neighbourhood, for example cafés selling ice-cream, and produces the shortest route and a map so that we can get there as soon as possible!

About the speaker: Agata is an IT specialist with over 9 years of commercial experience in programming, computer system design and team management. She got hooked on geospatial data while developing a location intelligence tool for her startup, Parametric Support.

**Spatiotemporal visualization of Berlin’s club locations**
by Sascha Ziegler

Sascha presents his spatiotemporal visualisation of Berlin’s club locations. (Techno-)clubs shaped and shape Berlin’s cityscape and are strongly intertwined with Berlin's history since the fall of the wall. Sascha developed an innovative visualization concept of Berlin’s club locations based on a unique club database he set up; he gathered and homogenized information from highly heterogeneous sources, including e.g. the „Flyer Magazin“, „Tip Berlin“ or the „Resident Advisor“ and many more. So far this database, consisting of spatial, temporal, qualitative and quantitative entries, is the most complete spatial database about Berlin's club scene. Sascha implemented his concept applying state of the art geovisualisation and -information techniques. His project was embedded into a joint master thesis of Potsdam’s university of applied science and Potsdam university.

**Hush City app: from Crowdsourced Data to Open Source Planning**
by Antonella Radicchi

What is quietness? How can quiet areas be identified and protected in cities? These are open, urgent questions at the European policy level. What about if we address them by placing people at the core of the planning process? This short talk will be given in the form of an interactive workshop, in which the Hush City App & Map will be presented and explored as participatory tools to achieve that goal.

People, cities, soundscapes and new digital media are Antonella's passions. She calls Berlin home while leading the Hush City Mobile Lab @ TU Berlin. She is a chartered architect, doctor in urban design and soundscape scientist. In 2017 she launched the Hush City app: would you like to give it a try?

**Open Geo Data for Berlin**
by Sebastian Meier

Sebastian will briefly introduce an initiative by the Technologiestiftung Berlin, trying to provide the most important spatial data structures as accessible and easy to use data files in an open repository:


Anyone who is interested in the world of mapping is invited to attend the meetup, especially beginners! You can RSVP at the meetup page .

Thanks to Maptime sponsor "Büro am Draht (https://dasburo.com/)", there will also be some snacks and drinks for you.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!