September 2016
07:00 pm

Mapping new frontiers Meetup

In the September session the Maptime crew will explore new frontiers, and map where no one has mapped before. The upcoming session will also be their 2nd anniversary, let's celebrate it all together! 


  • Nermin El-Sherif will take us to Cairo and talk about her mapping project "The Other Maps of Cairo", an elective course for the pre-masters students of the German University in Cairo. Nermin is an architect and master student at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology in Cairo and was working on her thesis in Berlin for the last few month.
  • Andrea Naß will take us even further away and talk about Planetary Cartography: "Mapping the Outer Space - Cartography as integral discipline in Planetary Sciences". She will give us an overview of the cartography beyond our little blue marble. Andrea is working at at the Institute for planetary research at the Germany's national aeronautics and space research centre (DLR).  
  •  Numa Gremling is going give a quick introduction to Turf.js (see below). Numa is working at geoSYS andalso teaches numerous courses for GIS trainer. His main focus is webmapping but he also likes to automate and extend existing GIS software with Python.
About Turf.js

Turf.js is a JavaScript library for browser-side geospatial analysis. The talk teaches you what you need to know about the GeoJSON data format as well as how to get started with Turf.js. Some fun examples are shown to show how Turf.js can be used. 

Please note: Although Turf.js is a JavaScript library, you do not need to know any coding to attend the talk. The talk should be fun and informative, not frustrating :-) 

Want to attend?

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