November 2017
09:00 am

Legal Design Summit Design thinking will change the practice of law

The world’s largest legal design event takes place in Helsinki on November 1, and we’ll be there to learn more about the integral role law can play in design and digital services.

How do law and design fit together? Can this really be an interdisciplinary collaboration? We’ve been asking ourselves this question, and decided to head to the Legal Design Summit in Helsinki, the largest such event, to find out more.

The summit brings together experts and forward-thinkers from law, design, and digital services to provide a platform to ask questions and exchange knowledge and best practice.

Speakers at this event include: 

Margaret Hagan
Director of the Legal Design Lab, Stanford Law School & Lecturer at the Stanford Institute of Design (

Jose F. Torres
Director of the Center for Innovation in Law at the University Sergio Arboleda

Sarah Van Hecke
Legal Design Consultant at Houthoff Buruma

Esko Kilpi
Researcher, Author and Lecturer on post-industrial work

As this is a topic of growing importance and interest to us, we’re excited about what we can take away from this event. We’ll be sure to provide you with some interesting highlights!