October 2016
09:00 am

IXDS @The 9th Service Design Global Conference Business as Usual

We’re very pleased to announce that our smart manufacturing Design Lead Johannes Landstorfer will be giving a presentation in the “New Business Models” day two plenary at the 9th Service Design Global Conference in Amsterdam on October 28th. Come and hear Johannes speak about “The smart factory as a service ecosystem” and become part of this annual get-together of thinkers, doers and leaders.  
Johannes Landstorfer - The smart Factory as a Service Ecosystem

In 2008, the very first Service Design Global Conference took place in the beautiful city of Amsterdam and the network and its events have grown ever since. With an active SDN Dutch Chapter and a strong service design community in place, SDN is looking forward to more than 600 participants from all over the world coming together to network, exchange experiences, ideas and different perspectives.

Conference theme: Business as Unusual

The impact of service design is greater than ever. Service designers find themselves bearing more responsibilities as they design not only customer experience, but employee experience and organizational strategy as a whole. Increasingly, they find themselves embedded within an organization, rather than operating on the outside. And the services they design aren’t just delivered by companies large and small. Service design is behind both incremental and transformational changes within government, public sector and non-governmental organizations, healthcare, education and more.

Furthermore, its techniques are being applied to a broad range of activities, from policy-making to enterprise design strategy, and from innovation to the world of lean start-ups. Join us in 2016 as the global service design community come together to learn, share, inspire, network and advance our discipline. Business as usual is becoming unusual, for the better! Join us in Amsterdam in October.

Day 2 plenary: New Business Models

In the New Business Models plenary session on October 28, Johannes will discuss "The smart factory as a serive ecosystm".

As machines and processes evolve, the role of factories is rapidly changing. Industry 4.0 is forcing companies to re-think current strategies, partnerships and business models for new players and scenarios. But, as we’ve seen in countries like Germany with a strong engineering background, “smart manufacturing” is not so simple.

To enable the digitization of production processes, the factory needs to be seen as a service ecosystem – looking through service design glasses, we gain a new perspective on production and, instead of cutting people out of industry 4.0., we see shifting roles and new forms of collaboration evolve (including with our robot colleagues).

Johannes will discuss the role of service design in an industrial setting, giving concrete examples from the German industry of how this method has enabled companies to take the necessary steps towards digital transformation.

You can find out more about the event and register here. We look forward to seeing you there!