November 2016
09:00 am

IXDS @Service Experience Camp The co-conference for service innovators

How do you design for great service experiences? Europe's most exciting service design conference in 2016 will bring together service innovators to discuss this question and more on from November 18–19. Its interactive format – part conference, part bar camp – includes thought-provoking talks, hands-on workshops, panel discussions and spontaneous open formats in which our Senior Service Designer, Frieda Bellmann, is taking part. We'd love to see you there! 
About Service Design Berlin

Service Design Berlin’ connects user experience, customer service ex­perts and service designers as well as everyone interested in the discipline.

Its goal is to bring people with a service-oriented mindset together and create platforms for sharing experiences, exploring new tools and expanding knowledge.

Frieda Bellmann open session abstract: Mantras of new luxury

In its latin translation luxury means “light” or “brightness” – rephrased BLING, correct? Sure most of us immediately think of expensive cars and jewelry, but the term ‘luxury’ is actually not easy to define. One man’s luxury is another’s banality, it is an elusive term that has many definitions and is generally located between desire and fulfillment. In our session we want to think about how something achieve the position of luxury and create services that satisfy a demand for luxury today in all its facets! 

Stay tuned for more details on what time Frieda's barcamp will be taking place.