October 2016
10:00 am

IXDS @push.conference The meeting place for designers, developers and UX professionals

We’re big fans of push.conference, so we’re heading there on October 20 – 21, for two big days! You can catch us in the programme, with our Technical Specialist Tank Thunderbird giving a lightening talk; on the exhibition floor with a special surprise that won’t leave you empty handed; and in a mini prototype workshop in the lunchbreak that will put your skills to the speed test. 
About the event

push.conference unites professionals that aim to create compelling interactive experiences in the shape of products, apps, websites and installations, inspired by user needs and enabled by creative use of technology and critical thinking.

Over two days in Munich, the established UX/UI scene merges with the potential and skill set of a new generation of creative coders and technologists. It’s an inspiring platform for the interactive design field.

Lightening Talk

On Friday, October 21 at 2pm, catch our Technical Specialist Tank Thunderbird for a 10min lightening talk titled 'Pass me the goggles, I’m done with physical prototyping!'

Tank will question how we prototype and the opportunities technologies such as VR present to test, modify and improve our products and services with less resources and in less time. Join her to look back at the evolution of prototyping and where it’s headed in the future.

IXDS physical prototyping challenge

In the main exhibition area during the lunchbreak on both days, we'll be holding a physical prototyping challenge. 

Prototyping helps designers solve problems faster, so in this 15min mini-workshop we’re emphasizing the need for speed by giving you a crash course in physical prototyping. Using a mix of materials and components, you’ll build a working prototype that will be put to the user test. This will be fast paced and fun, with prizes for the winning product.

Meet us there!

On both days you'll find us at our booth in the upstairs exhibition area, so come and say hi, take part in some fun activities we have planned at our stand, and learn more about who we are and what we do. Looking forward to seeing you there!