October 2015
09:00 am

IXDS @ Media Hack Day Hardware is the new game changer!

Together with experts we wanted to explore new ideas and concepts come to reality, meaning realistic prototypes manufactured within 24 hours of extended hacking and making.
Join the Media Hackday

With software and the internet business models have changed and accelerated in all industries, even fostering new industries on the way. Now it is time to rethink hardware the same way and bring change to life sciences, your home, your mobility and media consumption.

Explore new features and possibilities that will bring digital to reality. The hackathon will bring together creative makers, programmers, designers, mobility experts, product visionaries, hardware producers and manufacturers. Join us if you are an individual maker, developer, designer or established hackathon team. The Media Hackday takes place at the Fablab Berlin with all its tools and manufacturing machinery available. Prizes, an international jury and the praise from the community and media owners are waiting.