March 2017
05:30 pm

IXDS @MCBW The Amusement Park of Connectedness

Roll up, roll up! The IXDS Amusement Park of Connectedness is coming to town for one night only. On Thursday, March 9, during Munich Creative Business Week, join us for another party to remember at our Munich studio.

Come and marvel at the good, the bad, and the ugly of our connected world, as we transform our studio into an interactive theme park. You'll have the opportunity, among other things, to hear what your future has in store from the most unlikely of fortune tellers; test your party strength with a Hau den Lukas with a twist; and see yourself like never before in an AR costume experience.

Come early so you don't miss out on a peek into the Curiosity Corner. As the scents of our in-house chef Massimo Sanfelice's fairground food fills the air, hear lightening talks from Radio journalist and Editor at WASD Magazin Christian Schiffer, who spent a whole 24 hours in Virtual Reality; Marie Claire LeBlanc, who’s experimental games force people into curiously close circumstances, bringing out the weirdos, cheaters, and miscreants in all of us; Martin Nothhelfer, Creative Director at pretty bloody simple, a company that makes fantasy a reality; Francesco D'Onghia, Designer and Academic Coordinator of Food Innovation Program, where he’s exploring possibilities of disruptive food; and Marie LeBlanc Flanagan,who’s experimental games force people into curiously close circumstances, bringing out the weirdos, cheaters, and miscreants in all of us

Join us from 5:30pm until late for what promises to be a fun-filled night, as we celebrate with plenty of free drinks, music, tricks and treats. And, if you're lucky, you'll even get to see the late night freak show.

Follow the flashing lights towards Ganghoferstr 68b. We're looking forward to seeing you on March 9!

Let us know if you can make it by registering at the Eventbrite page, and stay tuned for more details!

Lightening Talks, 7 — 8pm


A Virtual Reality Day Trip

Headphones on, glasses on, world out! Virtual reality will change our lives, but how exactly? How does a longer stay in the virtual world affect the mind and body? Can you go to the toilet in the virtual world… and how about having sex? Journalist Christian Schiffer wanted to find out, so he dared to dive into his own virtual world for a 24-hour journey to the unknown. He lived to tell the story, and he’ll be sharing it with us on stage at the IXDS Amusement Park of Connectedness. 

Connectivity Wizardry: Creating Magic Moments 

Technology has its many benefits, enhancing our everyday lives in ways we could have never imagined. On the other hand, it can also be used for just plain fun, providing mind-boggling magical moments that make us see the world in a whole new light. Playing with themes such as relationships, childhood memories, and nature, pretty bloody simple studio does just this. Their projects merge the analog and digital to make fantasy a tangible experience. Founder and director Martin Nothhelfer will step into the Curiosity Corner at our MCBW party for a lightening talk that will reveal some of their connectivity wizardry. 

Foodiscovery: When Tradition & Innovation Connect

The Internet of Food, innovative ice cream, the semiotics of honey, and the zero-impact wine cellar of the future. The food industry is currently in the midst of radical disruption. And at the center of the exploration is the Food Innovation Global Mission—a 60-Day adventure organized by the Food Innovation Program group to track down “food heroes”, identify “food Icons”, experience “food rituals”, and find “food innovation” around the world. At our MCBW party Francesco D'Onghia, Academic Coordinator and Lead Design Thinking Coach at the Food Innovation Program, will join us to talk about the important "ingredients" of food innovation, and offer a glimpse into the global culinary adventure that’s currently underway to connect global experimental foodies, and reveal how we may experience food in the future.

Wanna play? Getting caught up in experimental games

Marie Claire LeBlanc Flanagan jumped headfirst into making experimental games, and in this talk with take you on a quick journey into her world of interactive experiences, experimental storytelling, and strange games. She will share the steps she took and the resources she accessed, and finally encourage you to join her in this very unique form of creative expression, community, and play.