September 2017
02:00 pm

IXDS @D.confestival Looking into the future of work

Come one, come all! We’re excited to announce that our CEO Nancy Birkhölzer is speaking at this year’s D.confestival! You can find her on the panel discussing “Looking into the Future of Work” on Friday, 15 September.

New work may be a buzzword, but there is no question that in this age of digital revolution we need to change our analogue mindsets and let go of old paradigms that perhaps no longer serve us. Join the session to hear what Nancy and the other experts have to say about necessary changes to foster creativity, flexibility and better collaboration in the work places of tomorrow.  

More on the D.confestival

Hundreds of innovation experts and creative thinkers from around the globe will gather at the d.confestival, being held from September 14–16, 2017 at Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) in Potsdam. The event will mark the 10th anniversary of the HPI School of Design Thinking.

At interactive workshops and talks, the influence of design thinking on management, research, and education will be the focus. Managers, coaches, and researchers from more than 40 countries are expected. Among those in attendance will be prominent figures, such as SAP co-founder and HPI benefactor Professor Hasso Plattner as well as the design thinking pioneers Bernie Roth and Larry Leiffer. International design thinking experts and innovators from companies such as SAP, BOSCH, Google, Telekom, and guests from the innovation schools at Stanford and in Cape Town are also expected. The focus of the festival will be on the issue of how society-relevant questions can be solved by multidisciplinary teams and new innovation methods. Highlighted topics of the d.confestival will include the future of work, education, and mobility.

The d.confestival—with its unique format mix of conference and festival—offers a creative and productive atmosphere. An exhibitor area and diverse activities invite visitors to a wide range of networking possibilities.

WHAT: International multi-layer forum for Design Thinkers

WHO: Experts, visionaries, innovators and entrepreneurs from management, learning and research



Here are some photos from this year's event!