September 2017
06:30 pm

ENERGIZER #1 Die Neuerfindung von Arbeit

Hamburgers, listen up! Our new work expert Marion King is joining a panel discussing the reinvention of work on Tuesday, 26 September, at SOULWORX. 

What is actually new about #new work? How easy is the transition? And to what extent could this cultural change impact our lives? Marion, our new work director, will be one of three experts seeking to answer these and more questions at the SOULWORX event ENERGIZER #1: Die Neuerfindung von Arbeit next week in Hamburg. So if you have any questions you’ve been burning to ask, but haven’t found the right platform for – here’s your chance!

Get your tickets at Eventbrite now! (For those interested, heads up: this event is in German.)

A strategic consulting company, SOULWORX believes in the rehumanization of work. Their monthly ENERGIZER events offer space for so much more than just dialogue: it’s a great opportunity to network, contribute your opinions to the discourse on new work, and get new impulses from not only experts, but also people in the community. Whether CEO, artist, thinker, work philosopher – all are welcome to join and enjoy the relaxed and creative atmosphere.