November 2016
02:00 pm

DGTF Conference 2016 Panel discussion: Reflecting Research

Our CEO Nancy Birkhölzer will be speaking in a panel alongside Manfred Engeser and Thomas Edelmann, Palmer Hargreaves; Prof. Dr. Michael Erlhoff, HBK Braunschweig; and Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost, Design Research Lab Berlin at the 13th annual DGTF Conference. The event will explore current approaches and practices for design and research.  
About the event

The 13th Annual Conference of the DGTF (Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Designtheorie und –forschung) is dedicated to current approaches and practices of design research, providing a platform for reflection. Using specific examples from the research community, problems and issues will be discussed. What topics have current economy and why? What exciting and visionary research projects are currently being carried out from the standpoint of theory, practice and teaching? 

Secondly, the event will reflect on methods and approaches: What new approaches and developments can be identified and how can we conduct research in the future? What are the challenges we face?

This year DGTF conference is being held from November 18 –19 at the Faculty of Design of the Hochschule Anhalt in Dessau. The focus of the conference is to not only present and discuss current research projects, but also hold interactive workshops and smaller sessions. 

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What is DGTF?

The German Society for Design Theory and Research (DGTF) is a nonprofit organization, founded in 2003 to foster discussion, exchange and profiling of relevant design issues.

The DGTF is a German-speaking association explicitly adressing design research in Germany and abroad. Having more than 300 members mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the DGTF networks and brings forward the discourse by activities such as conferences, publications, special interest groups, annual meetings and other public events.

As a forum for exchange and discussion, the DGTF emphasizes various aspects of design, offers competent mentoring, provides encouragement and initiates public debates. Given the fact that design research is a young discipline, whose structures are still under development, but whose relevance is growing quickly, the DGTF is doing active information work, policy development and advocacy, so that academia, policy and economy recognize the need for design theory and research.

The DGTF offers greater connectivity of design theorists and researchers in German-speaking as well as international institutions and research networks. The DGTF is particularly committed to promote doctoral candidates and junior researchers.

Discussion Panel: Design research for the development of the profession design


Nancy will take part in a debate with Prof. Dr. Michael Erlhoff, HBK Braunschweig; Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost, Design Research Lab Berlin; and Thomas Edelmann, Manfred Engeser, Palmer Hargreaves. The discussion will be around the economic maze of design research: The substantial economic importance. The discussion will take place on Friday 18, at 14:00 in the Bauhaus Aula.

Check out the full conference program here 

Please note that the conference  will be held in German language.