March 2020
09:00 am

Designing Better Systems for the Planet A panel discussion at KISD

On Thursday March 5, as part of the 2020 Future of Service Design summit, IXDS Managing Directors Nancy Birkhölzer and Verena Augustin take part in a one-off panel discussion at the Köln International School of Design.

Together with experts Shelly Evenson and Timo Pätiälä, IXDS Managing Directors Nancy Birkhölzer and Verena Augustin will participate in a panel discussion titled "Maximizing our impact: Set-ups to design better systems for our planet" at the 2020 KISD Future of Service Design Summit.

The panel will discuss: Which will be the most influential settings for service design in the future? Putting human-centeredness and a better quality of life, sustainability and ethics on our agenda – will it be possible to live up to these values within global organizations and consultancies? Will they strengthen our impact or crumble it down to prettifying their overarching business strategies? How can we survive within the machinery – and how could we survive outside of it, facing the global challenges and the amount of interdisciplinary resources needed to tackle the relevant topics?

An event featuring over 100 service designers and industry leaders, the summit is a chance for new ideas in the service design community to be  generated and developed to the full. With speakers and presenters from all corners of the design ecosystem, the panel discussion will be a chance to explore how different approaches to sustainable impact can operate in today's service design world.

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