March 2018
06:30 pm

Design Tools Meetup #01 Alva & ResearchGate

IXDS Berlin Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39-40, 10999
We are very excited to welcome to the first meetup of the Design Tools Network, which will kick off with two great talks and some open mic fun.
The line-up

Alva (meetalva.com)
Tilman Frick — Product Lead
Markus Ölhafen — Product Design

"We’ll talk about the challenges and needs we are facing in large-scale products at SinnerSchrader and how we started to solve them by creating a radically new, open source design and prototyping tool called Alva.

Alva lets you design interactive products based on the same components your engineers are using for production websites. We enable every designer to instantly create prototypes with interactivity and custom logic, while using a common single source of truth for all interface components."

Ryen Beatty — Design Systems & Tools at ResearchGate

"I will be talking about a set of useful tools and patterns that will enable you to get stuck into building Sketch plugins quickly and effectively. I'll discuss a bunch of useful code snippets and debugging tools, where to go to for accurate API documentation, as well as an introduction to building custom plugin interfaces."

You! — Open Mic 

Share anything that might be interesting for the audience in a short 2 min pitch. Promote your plugin? Hiring devs for internal tools? Organizing a similar event? Just grab the mic and entertain the crowd.

Head to the Meetup page to RSVP!