Hello, I am
Eva Gassner

As the Italians say: 'The individual taste and quality of different ingredients turns food into a unique meal'.

Eva started at IXDS as a freelance Project Lead in 2017. Convinced by the quality of the IXDS team, their spirit and the projects, she joined as full-time Co-Entrepreneur in 2018 and today leads the Participatory Health team. Based on her various previous roles in the healthcare sector from corporates to start-ups, learnings from the design world, and projects in other industries, her work provides user-centricity and new methodologies to meet the challenges of the healthcare industry.

Before her time at IXDS, Eva studied International Management, specializing in medical communication technology and working to improve healthcare workflows. She has worked in the consulting department for clinical processes at Siemens and as a medtech specialist at The Boston Consulting Group. Eva also has experience creating new eHealth solutions for improved patient care and optimized communication between physicians and patients, using new technologies at a Siemens daughter company and a medtech startup. Because of her curious and open-minded character, she is excited by working with different industries and customers to develop innovative and sustainable solutions that offer a competitive edge.

Eva loves food, laughing, friends and mountains, as well as everything involving the outdoors and playing sport, such as snowboarding, kitesurfing and mountain biking. Always with an eye on nature and humanity's social and environmental responsibilities, she tries to be a good person while enjoying her free time with friends and family.

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