Hello, I am
Elisabeth Sassi

Senior Service Designer
Don’t overthink it - do it!

Elisabeth is a Senior Service Designer at IXDS who focuses on user research. She sees the investigation and understanding of peoples’ needs as a base from which to create new services and products. Within her projects, she works closely with users, stakeholders and clients, and enjoys creating and moderating workshops to enable co-creation.

Before taking up her current position at IXDS, Elisabeth followed and advised the development process of several products for educational and cultural institutions, from the user research stage to the launch of a project. She also worked as a lecturer at the D-School in Potsdam in the area of design thinking. Elisabeth holds a diploma in product design and has studied in Berlin, at the School of Arts Weißensee, Copenhagen and Hamburg. In 2007 at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, she had her first contact with user-centred design and service design. This has since become her main professional focus.

Elisabeth is constantly learning new methods and techniques to question how things are done. At IXDS, Elisabeth has found a creative environment that is motivating and stimulating her towards new challenges.

Her personal interest lies in the field of ‘continuous learning’. Elisabeth was a visual thinking teacher for high school students and continues to spend her free time deepening her knowledge in this field. In the late afternoon or on weekends you might find her at the Wannsee in a rowing boat, or on playgrounds with her two kids somewhere in Berlin.