Designing the future of mobile payments & ticketing with Rambus

Clunky, inefficient, and insecure. How many of you would use one (or all) of these terms to describe your current mobile payment services?
Our most recent partnership with Rambus focuses on meeting the demands of users to have seamless, safe, and joyful experiences when using mobile wallet and smart ticketing solutions, and we’re excited to already give you a taste of what the future holds.

Rambus is a Silicon Valley company that creates cutting-edge semiconductor and IP products; widely known for leading innovative solutions for IoT, cloud, enterprise and mobile. With a focus on moving data safely and quickly, for the past 10 years, Rambus has been working on securing mobile payments for banks and now it's setting its sights on the customers.

We thought, strategically, that we could change our value proposition by getting closer to the consumer, by making the value of security more visible and more experiential… To do that we partnered with experts in the UX/UI design space.

Jerome Nadel

Rambus CMO

Working across strategy, business models, design and implementation, we've been partnering with Rambus on this journey, supporting them in creating a Unified Payment Platform (UPP) for retailers and shoppers, and a HCE Smart Ticketing solution for public transportation. 

Both projects were shown at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which was the first time the UPP was demonstrated. Attendees had the chance to experience features we worked on to make future shopping scenarios digitized, personalized and enjoyable. 

“Good UX translations technical capability into experience that's not just efficient and utilitarian, but heartfelt – and as we say in ecommerce: very sticky. I know we're going to be very successful in this application, and we owe that in large part to the collaboration with IXDS,” Rambus CMO Jerome Nadel said. 

We shot a video of the projects in action at MWC, and spoke with the Rambus team and IXDS designers to fill you in on what makes these solutions unique. 

The Unified Payments Platform & Smart Ticketing app in action at MWC 2018

The Unified Payment Platform – seen as the future of shopping – combines and harmonizes digital currencies, making them not only easy to use, but efficient and joyful.

Jerome Nadel

Rambus CMO

Unified Payment Platform

The platform and mobile application will completely change the way we go shopping, providing a fully digitized experience. Shoppers can use their mobile to scan-and-go; that is, simply scan and pay for items in-aisle so they can walk straight out of the shop without having to go through a checkout. Customers can redeem loyalty points in real-time, split payments, and obtain in-app receipts. The platform also features a retailers’ portal, which helps businesses better target shoppers with individualized deals and experiences.

“It’s an idea that started out on paper and took weeks’ of iterations, but we moved from designing on paper to using principal animations – After Effects animations – and then Framework prototypes, before our development partner really brought it to life,” say IXDS Designer Ciaran Duffy who is working on the project.

IXDS Designer Florian Weingarten added: “We’ve been putting a little ecosystem of applications on top of that, really highlighting the features and capabilities of the platform, which is really important to have something to put in the hands of the people. To make it really tangible.”

HCE Smart Ticketing

The Rambus Smart Ticketing solutions employ host card emulation (HCE), giving commuters a tap-and-go ticket option using their mobile phone. Leveraging not only what people already have in their pockets – instead of an extra piece of plastic – the app can also be used with existing transport infrastructure at station gates and on buses.

Currently the application is deployed and ready to pilot across 15 subway stations throughout Glasgow, and will also make use of other integrated services such as location-based information or nearby deals.

Richard Moore, Rambus Ticketing Product Manager, said of the collaboration with IXDS to get it up and running: “Having people who are able to look at a problem, analyze the design, and make suggestions about how something can work in a really slick and easy to understand way for the customer was really great.”