Designing the future of healthcare

Inspired by how clinicians work and how people experience healthcare, we aim to create products and services that can change lives.
Taking a user-centered design approach when creating products and services, and including the patient in the development process can truly change healthcare experiences.
Through real life observations

we uncover unmet needs, which inspires us to create new products. When visiting users at their home or workplace, where they feel most comfortable, we understand the users’ intentions. What makes his/her experience when using your product or service? How can this experience improve? How can you design new products and services to better fit the users’ needs?

We work with all stakeholders in the healthcare market

be it large medtech companies or agile startups, clinicians or patient groups, pharmas or NGOs. With our projects, on the one hand, we aim to improve the experiences of patients, and on the other hand the satisfaction of clinicians. We drive for better health outcomes and lower costs by uncovering needs early, implementing innovative technologies and empathic services.

Technology plays a key role

as we recognize an ever-increasing adoption of connected devices in the healthcare space as well as a constant decrease of cost components, which makes the most advanced solutions available to all; for instance, self-diagnostic-tools, and applying smart algorithms and sensors that were previously only available in exclusive segments of the market.

We are skilled healthcare enthusiasts

and are looking forward to working with you on projects that will lead us to different sections of this exciting market, always designing holistic user experiences that make people feel better.